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August 02, 2007



wow, sounds like a wonderful time. the switch back into reality is always a bummer, no? i also agree that summer should be extended by at least a fortnight. maybe more.


Bossy lives in a state of Debbie Downer Sunday blues and Post-Vacation depression. There's still most of august remaining, but to Bossy the summer is over. Wha-whaaaaaa.


How did it get to be August so soon? I feel your end-of-summer pain. There are still a few things happening this month that will be fun, but I'm going to be sad when my garden is done for the year.


love Tom Lehrer. miss you.



Oh, those Tofutti Cuties! I love 'em so much; even got my mom to scarf a few down over the weekend...without telling her they weren't ice cream! Now she goes to the store & can't find 'em 'cause she's not looking in the health-food cooler. Poor woman...I haven't the heart to tell her.

Also liked your Heinlein-ian use of "grok." Don't see that much. Sounds like a great trip!


Wait! Getting away with the husband for a bit? What's that like? And don't spare any details.


Hey, I grew up in the south suburbs! Now I feel like we ought to have known each other pre-internet.

When I was pregnant, I saw Boys Don't Cry. Holy shit, was that the wrong movie to see when pregnant! Though actually, it would have punched me hard in the belly whenever I saw it.

Kevin O'Bryant

Whenever I get to the point where I have take my shoes off, I can't help but think that it could be worse. Richard Reid could've been an underwear bomber...


Glad you had a nice time. I'm totally with you on the post-trip letdown and the near-seeming due date. My usual tactic with the post-vacation blues is to plan my next getaway, but that's too far in the future now with new kiddo on the way. Best wishes on the due date countdown!

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