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August 21, 2007



This post isn't crappy! It's a great inside glimpse into a place I've never been...


Right there with you on all accounts. Although I still have my (comparatively relaxing) desk job. I'm in charge of our almost-3-year-old by myself on Saturdays, and it nearly kills me.

You'll have a bit of daily-hot-fudge-sundae grace period with breastfeeding, right?

Anyway, wishing you the best. Girls are supposed to be easier (when they're little), right?

Feral Mom

Dude, so totally with you. I'm glad the fates gave us two at once, otherwise we might never have had #2. To deal with a toddler while pregnant? You deserve as many sundaes as your tummy can hold. On the plus side? The sibling relationship (while, of course, punctuated by smack-downs) is a beautiful thing, and wonderful gift to give Lowell and your daughter to be.

Third trimester grouchiness is your right, however. Bring it on!


Hey, that's normal! Strangely enough, I felt that way most of my second pregnancy. But this time (the third time!) I'm just really excited. Even though I just set myself back another five or six years on the "the kids are all in school" thing. Of course, I'm addicted to babies. I admit it!


I feel for you, I do... All I can say is keep a weather eye on the mailbox.


Amen, sister, and you're further along than I am so I'm sure it's even more cumbersome for you. I am freaking out over some recent sleep issues (as in not NEARLY enough of it) I am hoping that it's just my own Nearly Three Year Old FINALLY getting her um, TWO YEAR MOLARS!? If it's the end of naptime, it may also be the death of me.

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