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July 31, 2007



I am absolutely tickled pink to have had the opportunity to meet you. Your break-out dance moves were the highlight of the weekend and I am so glad I got to see you shake your groove thang. You OWNED that dance floor, baby!

I hope we have a chance to hang out again. Soon.



Alana, it was great to meet you, even if I did leave my blood power cord in that Finding your Passion session...


Of all the reviews of Blogher that I've read, I think I like yours the best. You captured something for me that I haven't felt elsewhere. Can't explain it...but I like it.


Thanks - I feel very self-conscious writing a recap because I know how I felt reading all of them when I couldn't go the past two years. It was fun to read them but sometimes made me sad because I wanted to go so badly. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for indulging me.


Ok, so many things I like here. First, today's haiku on your sidebar. Good God, but you are funny.

Secondly, the "currentishly" word. I'm stealing it. I will use it in a sentence every hour on the hour today. I'll report back.

Finally, you are well written, well read and wrote things that I experienced as well. I did, in fact, corner Catherine and we missed an entire session because she and Joy and Kristen and others were getting all meta and dang. Nobody wants to miss THAT. Also, Leah.... oh, what to say about that creature. Just that she is lovable and likeable.

So many things I like here. You are one of them.


Thanks for the summary. It was honest and forthright and I can't tell you how nice it is to hear someone whose follow-up was so balanced.


Hi! It's Zach's friend, Pamela. Thanks so much for coming up to me at BlogHer and introducing yourself. Between your comments, and Zach's, I am slowly getting sucked into the idea of moving to your little town. Do you commute? Is it terrible? How reasonable IS the childcare? So many questions. Anyway, I'll be pumping everyone for info in the coming weeks/months, unless I decide I want to be city-fied, after all!

Her Bad Mother

I have an accent? Now that I know that, if you ever get the chance to corner me - and I hope that you do - I'll have to fake a French one or something just to throw you off that whole Toronto thing. Cuz, you know, that's just not interesting.

Oral Hygiene Queen

I wished I could've gone, and when Feral Mom told me her stories about BlogHer, it was her anecdote about your rowdy pregnant dancing that made me really wish I'd been there. Being eight months along myself, I would've loved to have met you and shaken my big-bellied thang along with you. Maybe we'll both get to go next year, if we can get baby sitters...

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