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July 03, 2007



Yes, I totally concur! Flight of the Conchords is so great, so freaking great.

Ohio Philosopher

Flight of the Conchords is brilliant. Among the many benefits of HBO On Demand (!!) is that one can watch this duo in a standup act, and they are as amazing there (if not amazinger) than in the show. They were also recently on an episode of Fresh Air, chatting with Terry Gross and singing some of their songs.


Oh great. Now I have to get HBO on Demand too. Let me just go gather some heirlooms to hock. (Actually, YouTube has a few clips of their standup - thank god for YouTube).


you should absolutely do this. whatever the cost, whatever the sacrafice. conchordes is totally worth it. and even if it weren't, Big Love most definitely is.

I don't think I can even come back until I know you have subscribed and have programmed the dvr.


Yeah, I'll say the unpopular thing: TV is the devil's tool, and don't go near it, no matter how seductively clever and insiderly ironic its content.


Ummm... is that for real?

"There ain't no party like my Nana's tea party... Hiii, Hooo!"

Be more constructive with your feedback, please.

heehee, I like.


Ha! Bill, you sound like my husband. I don't sweat TV. It keeps me from spending too much time on the Internet.


Not that I would encourage such a thing, but you could probably bit T*rr3nt some of these shows. Not that I have. Ever.

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