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June 26, 2007



A teacher home to help during the hottest summer? Priceless.


oh, lowell is wise beyond his years. caution is definitely advised around trombones.


also: i'm right there with you on the heat. luckily i will not see the light of day for the next two months, so that helps.


Oh snap! k. Silly trombones. I'm going to go tune my viola now.


The summer of '05 was, in this area, just absolutely brutal. Temps were usually hovering around the 114 degree mark. It was painful, and I was pregnant with Oliver. Largely pregnant with Oliver. At about 38 weeks gestation, our central air crapped out...and the neighbours thought I was in labour because I was crying so loudly.

The day I delivered, it was 115 outside.

Hang in.


Jaysus mama t, I thought you lived in Canada, not Death Valley (I hope to god those temperatures are not in celsius). I don't know how you coped, that is crazy.


I'm SOOO lazy with the commenting but if I don't get this one in I will forget. Have you ever seen this?

SO awesome, I find strange pleasure and wonderful humour in the scrambled Haiku. I used to just sit and read it for lunch-hours at a time (when I had the luxury) and submitted a few. I love me some Haiku.

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