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June 18, 2007



I would love to go and bitter irony of ironies, I will be in Chicago from August 7 for our summer holidays. Insert deep sigh here. Don't have a tequila for me.


I will not have several for you, dear Waffle. It really is a shame - I wish our paths were going to cross. Damn this huge country. And the living on different continents thing.


I heard they are letting guys in? Not really.
It's too bad I moved from Chicago just over a year ago, I could have had my face pressed up against the window looking at all the cool ladies from afar.
Have fun and do some marketing for me.


I am also on the "aw, shucks" team. Crap. [Shakes fist at embassy.]

Elisa Camahort

Yes, yes, we let guys in and always have! :)

And we'll have lots of non-alcoholic beverages and more than a few other pregnant ladies there too, so I'm sure you won't feel alone in your teetotalling ways!

Look forward to meeting you.


I will be there!

And re: bacon-making--put it on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees. Perfect everytime (as long as you don't forget about it...)

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