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June 06, 2007



dying at the "toilet brush" bit. and that map is precious.

glad to see you getting rid of that cold!


I want to hear more about the Magic Eraser. Will it get the gunk off my stovetop that the Soft Scrub wouldn't?


Oh Deanna, that's just the beginning. I use it every time I clean my stovetop and it works wonders. And seeing as I clean my stovetop about once a month that is really saying something.


It works on shower grout as well.


It works on shower grout as well.


oops I hit that post thing twice.


Can you talk him down to a soul patch? Less toilet-brush impact but sexaay.

I routinely ignore the no-brie rule. Seems overly cautious to me.

Good luck with the names!


oh yeah. i definitely eat the brie. all the brie we can get here in the u.s. is mega-pasteurized and what-not anyway, so what the hell. the thing that kills me is the deli meat. i can't decide where i stand on that one.

also, i am now inspired to investigate the wonders of the magic eraser.


Well, it could be worse...you could be a guy that loves Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser as much as you (I) do.
That thing is the bomb..did I just say that, yo?
Mr. Clean, c'mon he's handsome, muscular, silky smooth dome, knows how to accessorize with that earring, and that tight white t-shirt...I'm just saying, if he would have met me in my drunken college years with his magic eraser, who knows where the road could have taken us.
Mr. Clean, call me.


Check out nymbler.com


Oh Jill, why did you do that to me. I was almost in bed...


Oh for heaven's sake. I haven't had much time for blog-reading in the last...uh...two months, which is the only possible excuse for the fact that I am only now seeing your good news. Congratulations! Extremely belatedly!
And yes, Magic Erasers are the best thing ever.


crystal lil, ha ha ha! hmmmmm, i kind of like the name electra....


tell matthew to do the goatee (or a Fu Manchu) sans moustache. it looks very tough and sexy but the mouth area is free of spikes so you can still kiss.


Few things are more miserable than a cold when one is pregnant...unless it's a sinus infection. Hope all is better soon...and congrats on the daughter.

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