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May 23, 2007



OMG! Congratulations! I confess I was shocked too. But oh, how sweet. And sewing for girls -- what fun. And a boy AND a girl -- you get both.


Congrats again.


Glad to hear everything looks good.
Congrats to you and family.


Fantastic! Have to let you know, with a girl you will be experiencing difficulties long before she turns 14 (evil cackle). And you thought Lowell was tantrumy, har di har (evil cackle again). But girls are amazingly quick to do things. Obviously, it all evens out in the end but as small children girls seem to be a lot faster and smarter and, ahem, more manipulative. Actually strike the evening out bit. Seriously, congratulations, I'm delighted for you all.


Congratulations! So exciting and you never know, we have yet to go through pink/princess crap so there's always a chance she'll frown upon it.

I'm so excited for you, if it weren't 9am I'd so have a pálinka in celebration!


Congratulations! That's what we've got, a boy and a girl; zee Fronch call it le choix du Roi. It's working so far.


Congratulations! Let me know how the Daisy Princess thing goes...not to mention the wall-to-wall pink Barbie aisle at Target.

mama snee

I am most comfortable as a lurker, but had to come out of the shadows to say CONGRATS!
We have a 19-month old girl, and with some firm grandparent boundary-setting and strategically paired boys' hand-me-downs, you CAN escape the pretty princess crap...


Yay yay! Yay for elder brothers and baby girls! We put possible names up on the fridge last night, and my husband said "it's strange to see all these girl names." Did you shop? Our families couldn't help themselves after we found out; we have already received two pink baby outfits from them.


wow! I can't be as shocked as you both are, but I thought boy all the way myself. I can't believe the family boy streak has come to an end...this will now solidify your place in the grandchild hierarchy as the favorite!! can't wait to hear names??? and I can't wait to shop for her! but I really don't think I can do pink - is that okay?? so glad all is as well as can be expected. and i can't think of a better mother to have a daughter. much love. xoxoxo.


the scrubs musical rerun is on right now!!! how fitting!


The Millionaire's family. Well done! So lucky! Just like us, only the other way around. Don't worry, Summer is already outgrowing the DPs. She won't wear anything but plain white underpants because Laura Ingalls Wilder did not have princesses on her underpants. Enjoy!



This made me snort, by the way: "So shocked and happy but also worried about the whole front-to-back wiping thing."


don't worry about the disney princess/barbie thing, i got it covered.


Congrats! Juliloquy sent me over here as I, too am due with a girl and have a toddler boy. (I'm around Oct. 26th... you?) I'm friends with MB (Sup), too so I have no idea how I missed you in the blogosphere for so long.

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