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May 22, 2007



Yike! It sounds like you have your hands full over there. I feel your pain and hopefully he will zip right through this phase and pass on to one where rubbing mommy's feet is more exciting than hitting. I'd loan you julia, if we were but a couple miles closer: at five she is quite the masseur (although, it's typically, rub, rub, rub, can i have my candy now?).

Happy ultrasounding!


Boy, for your sake I hope this passes soon. (I can only tolerate toddlerhood because Owen is causing someone else pain and havoc for 6 hours a day while I'm at work.) As far as the violence -- we have had some success with the timeout. Which is good, because that's pretty much the only thing in my arsenal.

Also. Halfway through? Already? Oh my gracious. And if my math is right then you will be at that appointment, like, soon to now.

Hope today was an easier day for you.


Pretty soon! Getting excited. And today has been easier, thank god.


Is it looking on the bright side to say that in a year or so he'll at least have someone else to bite? That's what our 4-y-o did a week or so ago to his 9-m-o sister. He wasn't allowed in her room or in front of the TV until the bruise went away. Not that that helps you with a younger one.

We found it went in waves...every time we thought we were absolutely, positively at the lowest possible ebb of energy or tolerance for the toddler bullsh*t, our sweet boy would return. The good thing? You learn that you have more reserves of tolerance and energy than you thought. The bad thing? You start to suspect that he's schizo.

Good luck, and hey -- boy or girl? Telling?


Now dear,
Let me try to make things a little better for you.
Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a wonderful playgroup where the kids are dressed in white, drinking a chocolate fountain and not getting a drop on their clothes, and look...over there...it's a lovely rainbow vibrant in the sky and oh...over there, a unicorn that is letting the kids pet it and take turns riding on it.
Now see that sweaty fat guy in the corner with the barely two year old son flopping around on the floor in a tantrum while his about to be four year old daughter is whining, "Is momma coming home today?" over and over and over. All the while the moms are looking at him like he has no clue what he is doing?
Hello, nice to meet you.
Maybe it's the season?
Hope things get better real soon.

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