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May 30, 2007



Don't unionize! If you remove the bonds from all your ions, you'll scatter into your component molecules. Or is that deionize? Feel better!


Oddly, anytime I hear the word union, I think teamsters and Hoffa. Definitely not the way you'd want your uprising to go.

Hope you feel better.

Feral Mom

Workers of the world, unite! And many congrats on your daughter-to-be. (wiping front to back? no problem. Barbies? 14? Dude, I'm scared too.)


I have a confession to make... I found your blog through dadamama. She is the sister of my bf. Your writing is very fun to read and I have been secretly visiting your blog...daily. My name is jenn* and I have a blog too: http://www.jennstarme.blogspot.com/


If you are forming the union, consider me in line to join.

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