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May 17, 2007



Colbert's sexiness comes from his humor, intelligence and his ability to make a mockery out of the way FOX News delivers its right-wing propaganda. He's my new boyfriend.


Amen! Except for that part about him being your boyfriend. I already have to fight off Jane Fonda, I don't think I could take both of you.


heh. Hot for satire. Who isn't?

I have the same problem with Hugh Laurie, down to the meltdown; every Tuesday night I have this dream about a scathing blue-eyed doctor.

I've never thought about Colbert that way before. Perhaps I should go check on those links now.


My brother told me that a zoo somewhere named its turtle Stephen Colbertle the Turtle. Also, he has a reconstructed outer ear like Charlie will someday have.
I have the same problem, down to the dream problem, only not with SC. I had a pretty painful Bradley Whitford thing a while back during the heyday of the West Wing.

Bad Hippie

He's hot in that super-nerdy kinda way. You just know you could have an excellent romp in the sack with him, and then kick back and cuddle while discussing foreign policy or the latest Washington insider mess.

If that doesn't get a girl goin', I don't know what WILL!


Good grief.


Oh, the hotness that is Stephen Colbert. Mmmmmm.

That pie three-way video* is fantastic.

*Could that possibly sound any dirtier? What am I saying? Of course it could.

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