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April 01, 2007



holy creative talent. beautiful.

have a great meatweek.


Truly, wonderfully gorgeous! I've never tried this kind of egg-painting and, in fact, I haven't done any Easter eggs in quite a while. But this could just be worth the trouble.


Darn it, my friend Alissa had a pysanky party this past weekend but I missed it because I had to go to New Jersey.


That's amazing. When I first saw the photo I assumed it was from some pysanky website. Do you save them or do something weird like smash them up and make a poultice?


I love it!


hey! i noticed the post date but not one mention of your darling sister!??!!


Oh my gosh Kara! Happy Birthday. As penance I will rename this blog "Letter K" and write only about you from now on.

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