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April 11, 2007



wow. sounds divine: sleeping, eating, family, all of it actually.

what is it with boys and tractors? every boy i know has at some point been fixated on them, from 14 months ("wackter!") to 6 years ("that's a frontloader and that's a backhoe, and, and...")


My last two trips to California were both magical. I wonder if it would still seem that way if I lived there. Glad you enjoyed the sleeping in! I'm jealous.


I haven't been back to California in years, but I remember a late afternoon when we went to San Francisco. It was early December and our two oldest were very, very small (21 months and 8 months). We roamed around with the kids in front or backpacks and checked out the shops. We ate Chinese in a wonderful restaurant in the Haight and then found this great store for kids clothes. Even with the kids there it was very romantic. Eight days sounds wonderful and indulgent grandparents are awesome to have around. So glad you had a good time.



Do you have any clue what the Hungarian word kapcsolatfelvétel means????


Ha! Check your email for the translation.


Sounds wonderful. Just what every family needs.

Welcome back.


ahhhh, 8 days...i am almost teary thinking of how happy you must have been in the morning when you realized that you didn't have to get up. thank you deanna & harvey!!

but just wait until summer! then you can sleep in every day!! oh, wait. that's me, not you... every other day though, no?

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