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March 26, 2007



I would start here: yankeegardener.com , depending on what you want. They sell Hart's which is pretty much the best seed brand. I also noticed they have a section devoted to bird lovers, go crazy be careful!
I used to google the hell out of the seeds that I wanted and then bought in bulk. I just looked for companies with high germination rates...
Happy Planting!


I saw two bluebirds last week in the same region. You want to put up two bluebird houses, positioned on a tree facing a wide expanse of grass. That's what they like. The reason for two houses is that those boxes are also much loved by some other species that's more aggressive than the bluebird, and they'll get in first. HOWEVER, this other species is quite territorial, so they'll keep their own kind out of the other box, leaving it open for the bluebird.

It seems like there must be metaphors in there, but I don't know what they are.


Ah, the dorkiness of home-ownership. It's like becoming a parent and talking about baby crap. Your mind goes all mushy and the next thing you know you're discussing flower bulbs and pileated woodpeckers. Just beware of the day when you no longer see anything funny about woodcocks and woodpeckers.

Here's my gardening suggestion: sprinkle color all around the yard so that there's always a little something in bloom, then focus in a bigger way on one small portion and stick with a theme. Herbs (beware - they attract a lot of bees), roses, tropical stuff, whatever - but make sure there's a good place to sit and enjoy it. You know - put in a little bench or a cheap bistro table and chair set. If you try to spread the money all around your yard, you're only going to be a LITTLE satisfied with the entire thing, you know?

Also, if you have a deck, you can easily start a little water garden with a water-tight planter. Put in a couple goldfish and some floating water plants and grasses - kids love it and goldfish are easily replaced if they get fed marshmallows and bubble solution.


God, I know. I am dork, hear me snort.

Great advice so far - thanks!


Oooh, yard stuff. We're gearing up for planting and whatnot, too. I'm a total rookie when it comes to gardening, so I don't have any advice, but I sure am looking forward to hearing/seeing what you decide on. (Our backyard is full of oaks, so it's shady and acidic and not too hospitable to wee green growing things.) (I mean aside from moss and hostas.) (And leprechauns.)


We get some lovely Downey woodpeckers in the tree outside our kitchen...not to mention a Cardinal couple and some chickadees. So much fun to watch!


huh huh huh...you said woodcock....


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