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March 12, 2007


Karen G

Hi Alana- Love reading your blogs about motherdom- "Thomas" seems a much healthier obsession than Masters of the Universe. Twenty years ago we had dozens of "action figures" like He- man stashed in a secret hiding place in the basement. When the kid was "good," new figures magically appeared. How sick-o was that? So build away-- at least you're not constructing an evil spider-like creature or a place that strongly resembled a nightmarish underworld.


Hi Karen! Oh, the wildly inappropriate merely awaits. Especially given his father's love of mutant superheroes.


Oh god how I dream of getting to play with erector sets, train tracks, and mutants. Mine is a girl, and despite 5 years of my best effort, she is very girly. All I get to play with are dolls and ponies, and I'm not even allowed to make a phalanx out the ponies. "Papa, how will they talk to each other if they are all facing the same way?"


That is very funny that Lowell reprimanded you for not taking turns. My husband just wrote a post about Thomas, too: http://septakid.blogspot.com/2007/03/thomas-office.html . Best wishes in reigning in the perfectionistic tendencies. I'm sure being aware of it is the biggest step.


With an almost 2-year-old, the farthest we can get is about 4 pieces of track anyway. It's like that scene in Polar Express where the ice is breaking behind the train!!!!! So scary!!!!! The baby is tearing up the track!!!! Well, okay, it's not really scary, but it means that nobody gives a shit which direction the tracks go and whether or not the bridge is stabilized and so on.

But when we get a new Lego set? That's a different story. I scurry off into my bedroom to get it all just right with no left out pieces to the Star Wars space station. And neither kid even likes Legos.

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