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March 05, 2007



Argh. I had the same problem in college - always in that area below the corners of my mouth. I thought maybe I should just pick at them until they leak blood, then'd I'd be a perfect vampire. Thankfully, once I was out of the ever-popular eating-disorder phase of my life my skin cleared up. Perhaps a nutritionist or homeopathic doc could help?

Oh, and Orange posted this a couple weeks ago: http://orangetangerine.blogspot.com/2007/01/begone-zits.html


Gack - Right now there is a pimple developing on my chin, and it's going to get so big I think it may take over the world. It's also rather painful. That's the thing about my adult acne, it's rare, but when it hits, it hits hard.


I have tried changing my diet with limited success. And by limited I mean fewer breakouts for awhile and then eventually back to 'normal' within a year or so.(And if I am going to have acne I am going to need that cheese and ice cream, dammit.) I have tried traditional chinese medicine which involved diet changes and really foul pills (again, limited success) but not homeopathy. That could be the final frontier. Thanks for the link - oh how tea tree oil has failed me. But I'll try yet another product, why not? Hope springs eternal as my wallet can attest.


Wrinkles. Believe me...you don't want them. Acne can go away. Wrinkles are a forever curse.

Itchy Bits

Well, I can relate. I have what was once diagnosed at Rosacea and then rediagnosed as acne. Whatever! Needless to say the medication prescribed did little to help. I just started using the Proactive line (ordered off of QVC) about 3 weeks ago. You can get a starter kit for about $43. I must say I have noticed a difference! Not completely gone but better. I have only been using it for about 3 weeks and I am now just seeing some difference. The areas that break out are less noticeable and my skin is alot smoother and just looks better. If you haven't tried already I do recommend. QVC lets you return pretty easily. Oh yeah and oil-free everything is a must--makeup--sunscreen etc.


I watch those Proactive commercials and think two things every single time:

1. I wish that had been available when I was a teenager and am delighted that it really does seem to help people.
2. Acne is absolutely soul-crushing. I am lucky my parents were diligent and sought out good dermatologists, but don't think I am ever unaware of the scars on my face, even though they are mercifully few.


heehee, couple that with your desire for glasses and voila! you're 13 again... ahh, the memories.

anyway, boldog női napot!


Oh, this sucks. Having gone through two courses of Accutane, only to have the acne reappear shortly thereafter, I can relate.

After all that, the one thing that helped more than anything else: being extra, extra diligent about keeping my hands off my face. I never touch my face unless my hands are just washed. I also make sure the phone is clean and the pillow cases are (more or less) freshly washed.


Thanks for all the tips, guys! I am sorry to inform you though, that my acne is special. It is not caused by bacteria on the surface of my skin. Rather it is an outward manifestation of my sin and wickedness. Sooo, I am pretty much screwed.

No, no, seriously, thank you. I will try anything at this point so I really appreciate any and all advice.


I have to break my lurker status to suggest something to you. I started having horrible acne (worse than as a teenager) after the birth of my third child. He's now two, and my face... Well, at least I still get carded at my age. I tried the dermatologist several times, but the acne stayed, and I was going broke. In desperation I picked up a box of Acne Free Severe at Wal-Mart. Figured I was out the same as a dermatologist co-pay if it didn't work. I've been using it for two months now, and it is making a difference. I still get a few massive, painful, deep under the skin eruptions, but from what I've been told and read, nothing keeps those away except oral antibiotics. Anyway, it's easily available (Target, Walgreen's, et al carry it) and pretty cheap ($25 for the kit of wash, toner, cream, and a tube of Retinol cream). It comes in two types, and the regular stuff didn't do a whole lot for me. I have to use the flaming orange "Severe" stuff. Added bonus, the Retinol cream has smoothed out the laugh lines a bit, too.

I found you back when you were still on Blogger by using the next blog button. I enjoy your writing style, though it would be nice if you posted a bit more often! Nothing like a total stranger nagging you, huh?


I have tried ProActiv for getting rid of my acne. However, I was diappointed with the results and it dried out my face and irritated my skin because of the Benzoyl Peroxide inside of it.

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