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February 15, 2007



I miss snow days.


When I used to work in the film industry, we were always gathering weather information from every possible source, because the directors felt that if there was one weatherperson, somewhere, anywhere, that was saying there was a 90% chance of rain instead of a 100% chance, then we wouldn't have to cancel the day. I'm happy to have a nice indoor job now, but what I woudln't give for a snow day!

Enjoy the sledding!


Oh, that snowsuit brings back so many memories, I love the way they waddle around like little penguins in them. Have fun!


Snow days are fun, especially when you decide to try travelling in them.



Oh my gosh - just read your blog. I hope the glue helped MamaT. Word to the wise: do not sniff glitter glue. Gives new meaning to the term "disco nose."


Is there anything cuter than little kids bundled up in snowsuits staggering around in the snow? I think not.


I've been making deals with the devil over here to try and coerce a little snow fall action. Poor Julia was promised snow in the winter and here her mama apparently brought California weather with her.

Enjoy the snow!


I never get snow in my hometown

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