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February 20, 2007




And adorable.

And did I mention fantastic?


I would so totally wear that hat.


In a thousand years, I could not do that. Great job.


That is fucking adorable. Encore, encore. Brava. More crochet, please.


absolutely beautiful...care to share the pattern?

idle hands and all that.


Thanks everybody!

Nicolle - for once in my life I wrote down what i did after i made it so that I could make it again. I should be able to put together a pattern. Will send.


Very nice!
We have a friend that knits and every so often she'll send one of our children a hat or scarf that is adorable like the one you made.
Consider yourself one crafty beaver.


I love it!! But please stop saying crochet. It's like a knife in my heart. Or a long, pokey old-lady craft tool in my heart.


CRAFT BLOG!! I would SO get into that. I'm knitting a scarf in college colors for the oldest right this minute. Okay...not this minute because I really need my hands to type this. Still...I love making things with my hands and I enjoy reading blogs by other creative types. You'd be good. Give it a try. Start small and work your way up.

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