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February 26, 2007



It is tragic, the lack of mobilization. Many agree on the issue(s) but everyone assumes someone else will do the dirty work, myself included. That or we've been disillusioned by the "help" received, (I once worked for the Sierra Club, what a disappointment).

It seems every chance we have to make people understand the severity of, say, no more oxygen,(or some such nonsense) miraculously oil prices fall and They're all, "Oh, environment? What environment? Look! A Hummer!"

'Tis a wondrous thing, not having a conscious...


Thank you so much! I missed doing the Golden Globes awards this year and I missed it. Award shows are a big circle jerk. I mostly watch them for the dresses, and I rarely have seen any or all of the movies nominated. Weeeeee!


We're not going to watch a documentary and start saving orphans and curing diseases but YES it is possible to move people to action! :) But I prefer to make small changes that make an impact on my life & household before focusing on society as a whole.

An Inconvenient Truth changed my life (watch it today!!) and although I would love to have a solar powered house and an energy windmill in my backyard, we definitely can't afford it. The documentary did inspire me to change all of the light bulbs in my home to energy-saving ones and to be more conscious about our wiring, gas, pollution, nature, etc. so it was life changing in our case.

I like to make effortless changes. Hopefully, one day, all the small changes will add up to a big life-changing moment.

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