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January 11, 2007



So nice. I gots me some serious built-in bookshelf envy right now. Gotta go.


Great pics.
Thanks for sharing.
: )


I covet those bookshelves.

I also love Lowell's striped pj's/red rain boots ensemble. He appears to be a boy after my own heart.


It's not easy to type when your hands are covered in drool....because GOOD GODDAMN, am I ever coveting those bookshelves!!

Sorry that you've been sick...I feel for you, as last fall for us was just one big ball of sickness.


Those are drool-worthy built-ins.

Also? Insouciant? Totally made my day.

Feral Mom

If I weren't married, I would get down on one knee and propose to those bookshelves...and then maybe do other, unprintable things to them, once you'd given your blessing. Hope everybody in your family feels better soon!


so, not only are your bookshelves fabulous, but your wood floors are BEAUTIFUL! so jealous am i....


Bookshelves - Meh. Wood floors - whatevs. LADDER AND DIRTY WHITE BUCKET??? Baby, come to me.

(Okay, that was a leedle joke, but I'm really coveting the beamed ceilings. Your house is apparently sponge-worthy.)

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