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January 17, 2007



I don't know what's funnier - your mutant name, or the fact that your husband used the word "chintz" in the right context.


I don't think anything pierces as profoundly as the knowing look of a little one. And the exchange with your hubby, brilliant!


When you get your decorating powers, please come by my house. We need all the help we can get ...

I also heart mutants. I would really like to be a shape-shifter.


Shooting chintz from your eyes. Is that anything like having milk come out of your nose?


When my oldest was just shy of 5 and my second had just turned 3, new neighbors moved in down the block. They had a 6-year-old boy who had called his mother "mom." In less than a heartbeat, my son stopped calling me "Mom-mom" and started calling me "Mom." Thankfully, my 3-year-old daughter was less into appearances than her older brother was and I stayed "Mom-mom" for a bit longer.

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