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January 02, 2007



Why hello. My name is jess. I got this great christmas card....

happy new year.


Happy belated blog birthday! And Happy New Year!

I thought, maybe, you might be interested in a little care-package exchange in which I send you a bunch of the magyar termek that hianszik neked and vice versa. what do you think? which do you prefer? zseles, marcipanos, meggyes, or csokis szaloncukor? Interested?

Mama Snee

Happy Blog to you!


Happy Blogday! You spill your personal beans to great effect.

Happy happy!


I'm glad you're still blogging. So many folks are quitting and I just don't think I could stand another. Especially someone I like. Happy Two Years of Blogging!


I hope I'm not too late to the party.


(There was supposed to be a "Happy Blogiversary" on the end of that comment I just left.)


I raise my morning Jaegermeister to you! Cheers!


Stumbled over here from Finslippy. I enjoyed your IKEA post as it definitely rings true. There is an IKEA a mere 4 miles from my home that I have unofficially banned myself from. I think I went over the edge a few months back bringing home two gnomes and the 9th (ninth!) ice tray shaped into little stars.

Congrats on two years!


Hi there! I think I made a comment earlier that our blogs were about the same age, not realizing that your archives don't tell the whole story. . . . Anyway, I'm happy to have discovered your blog lately. Happy 2007!


Happy Blogsday! :) Happy New Year too!

I love your blogs- still don't know what the word means- but I love'em anyway--


Thanks all! I appreciate your nice warm wishes.

Feral Mom

Happy blogo-versary! I hope your "twos" are terrific!

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