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January 04, 2007



My great grandfather talked about the giant flocks of bluebirds – hundreds and hundreds apparently – he used to see when he was a young man. And oh my god yes those woodpeckers are big and ... menacing (?) I guess is the word.


We watch a lovely male and female Cardinal couple from our kitchen window every day. One or the other will fly to a feeder first and then call for the other. It's just totally charming!


hehe, although i'm not a birder, the husband has a similar love as yours. he loves to summon me to the window freaking out about a bird that shouldn't be in this area, what it's called, mating rituals, etc. and then asks me what it's called in english. i'm always like, um, i dunno. now i can just point him in the direction of cornell and kiss my computer goodbye.


I am finally getting to catch up on LetterB and had to tell you how impressed and amused we were by the seemingly obvious (to him) "Rocking" response. Something only an antecedent could appreciate fully but a great sign that you're raising him right down there in Whoville...


I am inspired and will haul out a pair of binoculars and have them at the ready for our next visitors. Birds in the yard really are an everyday miracle.


Fellow Nerd! I'm actually WAY nerdier because I totally have a book and a checklist! We have even sought out birds on vacation--we had to go to Texas for a conference and we stayed at a birding B&B and even got to see the very rare and endangered whooping crane! Enjoy your backyard birds--they are a great way to enjoy nature without getting sweaty. My personal favorite is the cedar waxwing. They eat the choke cherries from our tree in the winter and I feel like I won the bird lottery.


Flocks of bluebirds, mating Cardinals, cedar waxwings, oh my!

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