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December 24, 2006



At first I was all, "Awww, they're not scary - so CUTE!" Then I clicked on the picture and realized you've got a couple KKK dudes in festive hats! So much for Peace on Earth, A.

Lowell's right, that's some spooky shizzit.

So have some happy days yourself! Stay safe and warm and bring in the new year right in that fancy new house!


I was never scared of Santa, but I was scared of robbers using the chimney to sneak into the house. I mean, if Santa could do it with such ease, what was stopping the bad guys from hijacking some reindeer, climbing down the chimney, and stealing all my toys?


I'm trying to find something meaningful to say on my blog. Sometimes I think that nothing is really happening to me and that's why I have nothing to say. Either way...I wish I could promise that my January blogging will be of some substance. Hope your Christmas was great.

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