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November 12, 2006


Feral Mom

I was the kid who believed, even AFTER the school bully tattled to our entire 2nd grade class. In fact, I believed until I was 11. The conversation with my parents went something like:

Me: You know how the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are you?
Parents: Um, yeah?
Me: Is Santa, um, you?
Parents: (long pause) Yeah.

But as you can see from my blog, I am quite well-adjusted. I guess the moral is...well, I don't know what the moral is. Santa is a hard issue.


Hmmm, I had those crazy religious meet secular parents who signed the gifts
"Love, Santa", "Love, Frosty", "love, Rudolph", "Love, Baby Jesus". It was pretty hard to believe in anything when the freaking baby jesus was dropping by.

(I guess, had I read your archives before commenting, I would know where you live. I was just high on hope!)

Mama Snee

I went through a period of crazy unexplainable nosebleeds when I was about 6 or so. I woke up with one, and came out into the living room to the same type of scene you described. My parents flipped it and made a big deal about how "Santa lives in all of us," and more importantly, "Let's keep this between us so your little brother doesn't get his three-year-old heart smooshed." Santa's non-existence was my first inside joke. On a sweet little kid.


We actually broke the news about Santa to my stepdaughter during a conversation about Jesus in which she insisted that Jesus was real - JUST LIKE SANTA. You inspired me this morning. Great post. :)


Yeah, its a little mind bending to imagine trying to talk to a child about God after detonating their blissfull faith in Santa.

"Well see here kid, Santa, the Christmas Tree, the reindeer, the presents, all go back to some old pagan stuff or another that I am not too keen on. Or was that Halloween?... Anyway that is all bullshit, sorry, hope you dug your gifts and had fun with the illusion.

Now God is a different matter, get your shoes on, we are going to be late for church.


we had our first over-riley's-head-santa-exchange last night which casey thoroughly enjoyed. this is actually going to be fun to have him with us on the dark side... they were writing their christmas list for papa & sue and i told them they should write their letters to santa, too, while they were at it. casey looked at me (the look alone was priceless) and said, "can't 'santa' just read this one?"


I was totally in your nephew's boat. "No way in HELL my folks would lay out that kind of cash on presents for us -- ergo, Santa must be real." I think I was in denial until 4th or 5th grade, when I saw a story on the evening news about Santa and how to keep the spirit alive for one's children. Bam, the jig was up.


I actually believed in Santa until the 6th grade in part because I wanted to, in part because I was afraid not to, and in part because I thought I was setting a good example for my little sister. Then, in class one day, my awful, terrible, mean as hell teacher told us that she was shocked that her 3rd grade son still believed in Santa. My world was crushed. But at least it was done by a teacher that I hated rather than my parents, so that lightened the blow a little. Plus, I still got gifts in the stocking. Now, the hard part is telling them I don't believe in Jesus... I hope I still get presents!

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