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November 17, 2006



It is odd, the places you find yourself ending up. I certainly never thought I would be back in the midwest, but here I am. I am glad you are starting to find things to adore about your new home--and in some ways you have the very best of both worlds, being only a train ride away from the city. I miss the Metro North line, myself!

Feral Mom

I'm surprised at how much I miss the city. Oddly, I found people more solicitous and friendly there. On the other hand, I don't miss the traffic and the general hassle, and I frickin' love our backyard. Thanks for this post.


It totally is a six month thing to get used to. When we left SF, I thought I would go nuts: what if I want something really random in the middle of the night? What about... god, everything... But, now? eh. I couldn't be paid to move back into the (any) city for all the reasons you just stated. Glad you found the beauty.


I moved out of Brooklyn to the burbs 9 years ago and have some definite helpful survival strategies, in case you need some advice.
It gets better. It just takes longer out here. I think it is because of all the breathing room.

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