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November 13, 2006


Feral Mom

Oh. My. God. Brilliant. I'm borrowing it, but my version won't be this stunningly beautiful.


I love it...will be borrowing. Thanks and a great idea!!!!


Huh? Married a felon. How did that happen? And you scaled a snowy bridge in heels? Woman...are you nuts?


Oooh goody! Glad you guys are going to do it too. And Feral, aw shucks, girl.

Wordgirl - let's just say I wasn't exercising the best judgement that night. And, to clarify they were high-heeled mary-janes (think early nineties) not stilettos. Still. I was a dumbass in love. And my first husband was technically a (non-violent) felon for a very foolish thing that he did in his youth. Swedish prison had scared him straight by the time I came along.


I'd love to do my own, but wow. I'd be copying half yours: 3, 6 (it was actually a railroad tressle, and I was wearing cowboy boots - but still in the snow), 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15

And probably 1 and 4 too, considering my second serious boyfriend was actually a best friend that shouldn't have been more... it didn't end well.

Your list makes a great short-short story by the way. Can you see it?


It could make a great short story - would you please write it? He, he. Isn't snow on steel a bitch?

Feral Mom

I think #6 is good for another post, if you want to elaborate...


Totally did it.




Super list!! I think #7 sounds like something on which to elaborate!


I plan on elaborating on all of them - once I set up an *anonymous* blog. Gotta protect the innocent.

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