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November 26, 2006


Feral Mom

Your posts have been making me laugh out loud. Seriously. If I were civilized enough to bake and had baking chocolate, I'd do the same. Also, the "fat jeans" are now tight. I am rumaging around in my closet for a pair of fleece pants that will pass for "not jammmies." I am fucked.


Don't be hard on yourself. Try to accept that you enjoyed yourself and move forward from there. I try to do this, and it actually works... sometimes :)


This is a low? Shit.


I suppose a real low would have been taking bites out of the unsweetened bar while alternating with spoonfuls of sugar but I guess I haven't hit bottom yet. Then again, the night is young...


oh MAN do i know what you mean. i keep trying to figure out what i can make with cocoa powder and eggs. any ideas?


Mmm... chocolate scramble.

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