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November 02, 2006



See? Just like Grandma always said, "To get letters, you've got to write letters." Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog. Funny, I read a Q and an S, and now a B...

That's my new project for the coming year: to find all the letters of the alphabet in the "blogosphere."


Holly, I made some comment about the "blogosphere" to my husband and he made me stop and repeat myself three times, so he could laugh heartily and in derision three times. I felt very small. And dorky. (But this is in no way a comment on your size or dorky/coolness.)

So, yes. The exercise does have worth in that it gets you past whatever hang-ups you have about putting words out there that may be boring/ridiculous/dumb/misspelled/unintelligible. It's a hump, and this is your chance to do the humpty-hump dance. You go.


Welcome Holly! I will defeat all those other letters. Pretenders to the alpha throne! B rulez!

Mignon, can I do the cabbage patch too? Because I am sooooo good at it.


so wait, if i get a blog do i get to hump too?

Feral Mom

You've inspired me...to waste more time! Thank you.


Those cat pics are freakin' hilarious!


I am the last person to be peddling the cheesy cat photos but I just sent that URL to all of my friends and family, all the while laughing so hard I was in tears.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, certainly due to the the NaNoBloMoFo thingy. I would have missed on the invisible bike if it wasn't for you.


Nobody should miss invisible bike. I have lurked much on your site, chair. So yes, feeling the nanoblomofo spirit and commenting without fear.

Mrs. Chili

I am in total, unashamed love with the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. How else can I get to such wonderful, diverse writings? Certainly not on my own!

NEVER be afraid of poetry! Release your expectations, ignore the rules and speak your heart. You can't go wrong that way.

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