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November 10, 2006



OMG, so not sick of you yet.

Stories from the olden days, perhaps, will revive and encourage you? Yes?


it's hard, eh... bring on the grocery lists, heehee.

thanks for coming by...do you still live in the magyarorszag area? am totally lacking adult playdates.


if you get stuck, just write about Lowell...that should keep you in material for a while, and I for one would love to hear everything that he's up to!

Feral Mom

Dude, I hear you on the need to phone it in. Zang! And we're only a third of the way there. We'll have to come up with some HI-larious (and short) memes for each other.


How about thinking one up now FM - the well is dry I tell you!


Thanks for the link! I'm reciprocating on my side bar.

I too am having a difficult time with this daily posting challenge. I have plenty to say, just little time or energy to actually say it.

If only I could blog from work.


How kind. I would like you to know that I plugged you BEFORE I realised that you had plugged me. It sort of reminds me of being in primary school at Christmas with a stack of Christmas cards and having to convince someone that you had a card in the pile with her name on it anyway [I went to an all girls school] and the only reason you went to the bathroom after getting her card was you had to and not because you had frantically written happy Christmas on a blank card you had bought for this eventuality. Sorry, am I getting a little carried away with this metaphor? I mean thank you for mentioning my blog, I am most pleased. Did you know that I like yours also?


Oh Anne, *blushing* you had me at "I plugged you." I am so thrilled. Many thanks!

Greenie - your posts are excellent so I am a little scared to see what you're like when you HAVE energy. Whoa.

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