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November 20, 2006



I love exact change, even though I feel guilty for holding up the line. I don't think I've ever won at Scrabble, so I have no idea if that would make me happy.


Oh, winning at Scrabble! No one will play with me anymore, because of my undeniable Scrabble superiority.
Puns are excellent as well, in any language. But you might be on your own with mimes.


why don't you make like a mime

and die bleeding in my trunk.


Dude, harsh! (BTW that was a bumper sticker that my sister once saw and covets).

Feral Mom

This is a good one, and thanks for the dedication! I am still trying to return the favor and come up with something. Maybe I'll go pistol whip a mime to clear my head.


so, do you want me to post anonymously now???


No, I just want you to lay off the malt liquor. Unless I'm over.

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