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October 19, 2006



Pictures!!! Pictures dammit!!!

Madeleine just wears sweats to bed with socks.

I see the same color bias in the clothes I buy for Quinn's, but then he also gets a lot of hand-me-downs from his sister. So this winter it'll be snowpants with a bow on the chest and pink'n'purple snow boots. You're right though. Unless you notice the void and make a considerable effort, it's easy to just buy what's out there in boys' section. Except dolls and brooms and vacuums. For some reason every little boy seems to like pushing dolls in strollers, running a vacuum, and whacking things with brooms.


Your wish is my command. Uploaded a little pic.

Lowell loves his broom. LOVES it. Our dog, on the other hand, hates it.


ha ha ha ha! is he actually twirling???!!!


De-lurking to say that now you are in the 'burbs, you've GOT to get to Costco. Toddler clothes (including footie jammies) galore and at TERRIFIC prices. Plus diapers and wipes and all sorts of other goodies that you now have room to store. But he does look cute in pink. :)


Yay for pictures! I keep thinking that, if it's cold enough, kids will wear anything. Let us know if he begins to vigorously veto the wearing of those pjs. Cute kid, though. Hey...and thanks for the endorsement over at Finslippy. Gals like that will NEVER come by my site on their own, so if she's asking for suggestions...well...you never know.


Don't worry little guy. I'm on the job.


Pictures! Oh, thank you. I have to say, L. really works it! Lookin' good.

An aside to Mignon: How right you are. my son is absolutely in love with his toy vacuum, and grabs the broom from me whenever he can.

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