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September 06, 2006




and psssst -- apple does an educator discount.


dang. maybe i should "accidentally drop" my old computer too...can you accidentally drop a desktop?


Hey - not that I am some kinda ace hardware dude, buuuut, If that sucker has a few more hours left in it, I bet you could get an external hard drive and back that puppy up. Yeah you would still have to get another computer, but you might not have to replace all that fancy software.

OK, quit giving me that look. Sure, you might save an arm and a leg on software, but now you are in for not only a new laptop but a external hard drive to boot. But with all those extra gigabytes you will never have to wonder whether downloading the complete discography, live concerts and german bootlegs of the Three Dog Night is a good idea.


Yes! What supa said. And are you sure it wasn't a subconscious act of sabotage? I know you covet my MacBook Pro...


Hey...an upgrade (or a replacement) is ALWAYS welcome. Maybe it was time for a new laptop and karma just helped you out a little.


wheee! upgrade complete! I am back in action. I don't think it was my subconscious since we were planning on upgrading our ancient iMac with a new shiny mac laptop anyway. However, I dropped the pc laptop which we had to replace with another pc because I have to have one for my work if I am going to consult at all in the near future. So I am sad that we have to wait on the new mac, but happy that we are able to upgrade at all.

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