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August 06, 2006



see, even when moms are sick, moms can't be sick...you are the perfect example of this. hope you (and the men in the house) are feeling a little better today.


Woah. That's insane. I hope you're feeling a million times better.


Definitely feeling a little better. I feel like this is the wickedest cold I have ever had, though. I don't remember ever being reduced to tears on a daily basis by a headcold. All I want is to be able to take a day to sleep it off. Sniff.


Aw crap. I got one too, and my inability to catch up on sleep is draaaaaging it out. The kids got over their colds in 4 or 5 days, and I'm going on day 9. I just want to curl up somewhere dark and sip tea. Can you get a sitter for a couple hours to read a bad magazine in a coffee shop somewhere? I'm sure if I could, I'd be cured in an afternoon.


ugh. that sounds crappy, or is it croupy. I hate cold medicines too. Don't forget zinc.


Substitute the word "Benadryl" for "Claritin" and you have my version of this story. I almost missed a Stevie Ray Vaughan concert because I was so completely out of it from the near-coma it foisted upon me.


Man, WG. I am glad you said "almost." I'd sue the pants off warner-lambert if they had made me miss SRV (may he rest in peace).

zinc! *slaps hand on forehead* I always forget about zinc until it's too late. And Mignon, my auntie whisked lowell away for the afternoon yesterday and I slept. It made a world of difference. For instance, my sense of smell is somewhat back today. I know because I can smell the diaper pail again.

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