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August 31, 2006



A handful of my friends read my blog. They're mostly the friends who live out of town and who I don't get to talk to on a regular basis -- I think they read it more as a way of 'keeping up' with my life, not that my life is like, interesting or anything, lol.

And I hear ya. Bring on the frost. I hate summer.


I have a couple of friends who know about the blog and read it fairly regularly. I also have two sisters and two cousins who know and read. Otherwise, everyone who reads (that I know about) is someone I've met through blogging. If I knew anyone who had a blog, I would SO be reading it every day. I'm that nosy--er--curious.


I have a couple friends that read mine, but have admitted to feeling uncomfortable with the voyeuristic feeling associated with peeking at my life without me knowing. I also have several friends that don't read, and I think it's because they just don't get blogging. I think those of us that blog are ultimately very curious about the lives of others AND we enjoy telling others about ourselves. I find it interesting that several of my friends aren't like that. I'm the same way as you and Wordgirl, though. If anyone I even remotely knew had a website I'd be all over it because I'm TOTALLY nosy.

Also, after thinking about it a little, I realize, even if they are reading, I'm kind of glad my real-life friends and family don't comment. I think if they did it would feel strange for others to paricipate. As if they were crashing a party in which everyone already knew each other. But on the other hand, your family comments and I have no issue crashing... but then I have no shame. Huh.


My stepmom can't read because she also has that uncomfortable voyeuristic feeling of which you speak. I am a stone voyeur (i.e. nosy parker) so I find it hard to relate. As a kid I used to watch my neighbors do their dishes for hours from my bedroom window. I have no idea why it fascinated me but it did. I couldn't tear myself away until their kitchen light was off. It prepared me well for the blogging life.


you were not raised by sailors. you were raised in a barn by wolves with potty mouths.

Kevin O'Bryant

And then there are those old friends like me, who googled (make that "Googled", those kids deserve some credit) you, read a few posts and smiled, and then moved on without posting or emailing. Sorry about that.

I was never able to shake the feeling that Hungarians spoke English all the time, and that it was just around me that they didn't let on. Likewise I find it hard to believe that my friends have actual, interesting lives even when I'm not around. Reassuring? Certainly, but still it just doesn't ring true.


Just reading the phrase "doing dishes for hours" has me in a tailspin. That might not have been one of the chief afterlife terrors in Dante's hellish circles, but it certainly is in mine.

And I suppose this answers the question of whether "real life friends" (call me "RLF" for short) can both read your blog and hijack comment threads.

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