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July 06, 2006



What did the slipcovers look like?

(I feel you on the identity crisis thing. I think better when I'm cold or something. And also when my mind isn't numbed by trying to remember which box the cheese grater is in... Let's just wait it out together, mkay?)


What? There were Chocolate and Caramel bars??!!!


The slipcovers looked like buttah, Mignon. Buttah.

Mom, you can get them down there. I am sure of it. When you find them, please send me a case. Thanks.

Feral Mom

I feel your bloggin pain. I'm dried up too, because my present life is so, well, pleasant. I've decided to go bloggin' down memory lane instead, which might be an option to consider. Not to discourage a post on slipcover lust, though, because that? Would be hot.


I've missed you! Slipcovers huh? Let it rip (a post), that's what i say.


You guys are so great. Okay, hot, lusty slipcover post coming right up.

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