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June 14, 2006


anastasia beaverhausen

I'm an IKEA virgin, but will experience "my first time" when Mr. Half and I head to the Dallas IKEA to buy a chair for our anniversary. So interesting that you would bring up Temple Grandin's name. I find her incredibly fascinating and we have her book, "Animals in Translation".

As for your aunt who knew Matt G. and Lynda B? Awesome!!


I love posts that include references to IKEA, MLB and autistic cow whisperers.

Let me say how glad I am we DON'T have an IKEA near us, as Target is currently putting a lien on our house and pop-up camper for our (my) gluttonous spending at The Big Red Dot.


Oh man I can relate. I'm actually happy that I am too scared to drive to Target. It's really keeping the spending down.

Wordgirl, I am so excited for you. You have no idea the pleasure that awaits you. Unless you are going on the weekend. And then, well, be strong. Temple Grandin is totally fascinating - i have yet to read that book (or any book in the last 6 months) but it's on my list.


We have the Temple Grandin book -- actually Kara does. I'll trade you it for Garbageland. mmmwwaahhahahah.


'Ware the IKEA catalog -- it casts a similar spell. I've been in the thrall of page 253 -- the EKTORP series -- for 72 hours now.

Also: HoeBowl. You simply cannot beat that with a stick.


God, I know. HoeBowl is priceless. It's where the hoes blow! I mean bowl.

Ooh mom, bring it with you. You'll have to pry Garbageland out of Matthew's cold, dead hands unfortunately. It's his new bible. That and his composting pamphlet. Seriously, there must be a pod around here somewhere...

Feral Mom

IKEA meatballs have no damn right to be as tasty as they are. I used to go to IKEA for the food, and leave with eight stackable containers in assorted colors, party forks, and a rainbow-colored plush snake. Every time!


Oh how i miss ikea. The big deal around here is the"ikea bus." It takes you on the ferry and two hour trip and you get 5 cubic feet of space to load up your stuff (that you don't really need) for free. It's a 12 hour day trip. Freaks me out just thinking about it.

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