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June 21, 2006



If I decided not to criticize for 24 hours, someone would eventually check my head for lobotomy scars. You and I must be related somehow.

uncle phil

Words of wisdom from the 'shrink' in the family: "Awareness is the first and most important hurdle to overcome in the battle against the internal critic".
You have got over that one, now the change you wish for is possible.


But Grasshopper is weak, Uncle Phil! ;) Thanks for the support.


did the dishes really get just as clean?


So the dishwasher thing is genetics!!!!!!!! Son of a Bitch....Let Matthew know that he is not so alone is his world of "no, that is not how you do it". But here is a little secret... when Kara is not around, I put glasses where the dishes go....pots where the glasses should go and if I am feeling a little crazy I even put dirty spatulas in the dishwasher (insert maniacal laugh here)(but Kara is right, they don't get as clean)

Now are you also afflicted by the refrigerator dressing/condiment disorder as well? My diagnosis it is a deep seated desire for segregation (perhaps from your days in Cincinnati?) and it is transferred onto innocent refrigerator contents... me I say let Ketchup live in the Milk Holder if it wants...let Orange Juice and Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette live side by side in harmony. Not many people know this, but John and Yoko suffered through similar troubles. This is where John came up with one of his most Famous Songs "Imagine"... You may say that’s for creamers, but your the only one (who says so), I hope someday you will get off my back, and well get along.

Just a few word changes…and whalla.



Kev, that's pretty funny because I was planning to clean out and reorganize the fridge today. It's all catawumpus in there and it's been driving me crazy. (i know, all you are saying is give peas a chance). And I'm not going to let you bait me with that spatula in the dishwasher remark.


mmmm, catawumpus. vocab word of the day.

I do hope you are able to free yourself a bit from vigilance. I imagine it takes a lot of internal fortitude to bite one's tongue on a daily basis, though.


You've got a blog,eh ? I found it. Remember the old days, Clip the Daisies,Madison, S.F.,? Time flies, reproduction happens, now you're a mom. Love Lowell, he is a blessing. Hold back the tongue of Irish fury.


Hey Arron! Thanks for saying hi.

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