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May 16, 2006



I don't blame you for missing all of the stuff you like. After a time, though, you might even miss the stuff you thought you didn't like. Maybe.


I miss that Botanical Garden now too. But, dude, that's one of the big pluses of being a homeowner: gardening! And a yard for Lowell out the back door.

Every time I've been to New York half of the places we went to on foot were encased in crazy-ass scaffolding. What's up with that? Is scaffolding the new black?


WG - I already miss some of the noise. We need something to drown out these f*cking birds. Jeeze. Actually I heard an ambulance siren yesterday and nearly jumped out of my skin. I think I am already assimilating.

Yes, gardening. I am such a novice so it's a little intimidating. My experience is limited to annuals in a window box. Better than nothing I guess but we have all this yard out there. Matthew is jumping in with both feet (literally) and has already planted some edibles in a patch. I think I need to do a little more research first, nerd that I am. But it's very exciting and I am inspired.

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