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May 08, 2006





I like the banner...simple and it says what you want. If you really must get grandstand seats, use them as a reward for putting your packing powers into 'supernova". That way you can go with a clear conscience. There's a big relief that comes when that last box is packed.


You're a Triple Crown whore? And you're under 50? I swear I feel like I don't even KNOW you any more. Sheesh!


It's bad - and I am not getting tickets. No way I am falling for it again. I'll be watching the Belmont from the comfort of my local OTB.


moving happens - don't worry. It will all come together. promise!


Moving Blows. Hard.

But your banner is boxtastic..


Thank you for your kind words of support - i need them. Right now everything seems pretty copacetic tho - I caught a buzz from the cheap packing tape fumes.

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