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May 22, 2006



Hey! no making fun of the canadians.

Congratulations on your move!


muuhuhahaha - my plan to make you leave a comment worked perfectly... Thanks Jess!


I'm about to move too. I'm impressed you're blogging so quickly post-move! Barbaro is recovering, by the way.


sounds like you are adjusting well...how is the little guy doing?? for as much as I miss public transportation, I have to admit it is nice to be able to just jump in the car and go wherever I want whenever I want. and not have to wait for a bus or a train...or both!


It's true about all the junk you need when you move to a house. More bathrooms = more toilet paper/soap/towels. Bigger kitchen = a bigger table.
More chairs! A new sofa! Now a table to go next to the sofa! Bookshelves!!!

It's all very overwhelming. Just grab a glass of wine and settle in slowly. Let the house speak to you and tell you what you need.


Sounds awesome, although sorry about the driving. That's exactly why we're trying to move back down to the center of town. I hate driving. Not true. I love driving on road trips. I hate driving on grocery trips.

I'd love to come over for some grillin. Just don't sear the brats and roast the tuna. That doesn't sound very good.

Feral Mom

You made it! I second the comment about getting back to blogging so quickly...I think it took me a couple of months to recover. Bar of soap for each room, definitely. Wastebasket, just use the moving boxes. Lawnmower, just hire the neighbor kid. Grill? Mandatory. Now go sear tuna and open a bottle of wine immediately!


Wine it is! The grill is here and, more importantly, assembled. I feel we are whole now.

Lowell is adjusting better than the rest of us (except possibly Bella who is taking quite well to country life). He loves the space and likes to run through the rooms screaming at the top of his lungs. As do I.

Susan - it's so funny that you mentioned Barbaro - I wrote a whole paragraph about him in this post but I erased it because it was taking over so I figured I'd write more about it later. You must have ESP(N).


Yes, soon enough the driving might even start to be fun! Quality music selections at an appropriate volume is the key to remaining calm. I find that Metallica dialed to 11 does the trick most days.

But seriously. Glad the move is done and that home feels like home. That is awesome.


I was a nervous wreck the first five times I drove, and now I don't even think about it. Well, at least on the single-lane roads. I try to avoid those OTHER ones, where the REAL drivers go.


Metallica and single-lane roads. I think I can do this...

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