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April 12, 2006



When I'm painting, I usually dream about designs. Sometimes I'm so stimulated by ideas for patterns or designs that I CAN'T sleep. The moving? It will get here and you'll be glad.


I was dreaming about psanky the night after! It takes over your brain.


I knitted (knat?) in my sleep last night! At least it's not as bad as Tetris. Worst ever sleep aid.

Once you get into a packing groove it goes much better. The worst part is the breakable stuff like lamps and random kinick-knacks. Best is books. They fit so nice and square into boxes. And linens are easy too. If you get burned out, just do a box of linens or books.


just thought you might like to know (as per this week's new yorker, which you may have seen...) that pete seeger lives in beacon, and has recently been seen protesting the war on the side of the road there! what is cooler than that?


Knat - ha! Good advice Mignon.

Hi Michelle - wasn't that a great article? I did know that he lives there - I guess he is kind of an eminence grise of the town. My aunt has seen him in the diner she and my uncle frequent. He is a hero of mine so I hope I get a glimpse of him.


it was a great article- i love his wife. congrats on closing!

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