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April 30, 2006



Oh, LB, I totally understand your melancholy. We moved from our beautiful home in bustling Portland right after Madeleine turned 2, and she doesn't remember it. It breaks my heart, because it was nearly perfect there.

I won't try to talk you out of your malaise - enjoy your last days there! I'm actually glad it's nice for you. Moving in the rain is the worst kind of hell.


Video, video, video! Every nook and cranny of your present home. Inside and outside. Provide commentary on all the places Lowell enjoyed playing or sleeping in your home. One day, when he's old enough, he'll appreciate it. Some dim memory of New York will lie asleep in his brain and these visual reminders might just help it to awaken. You never know. Our oldest two do remember our old house, but the youngest was only 8 months old when we moved to this house. However, the plethora of old tapes never cease to amaze him and because he lived there and started trying to walk there, he lays claim to that house in the same way his brothers do. We drive by it so the external parts are familiar and the tapes provide a memory of the way it was inside.

I remember when Miranda on "Sex & the City" left Manhattan for Brooklyn. It was as though she was leaving for the jungles of Borneo. If I lived there, I'd think that way, too.


Thanks for the sympathy guys. And wordgirl - i will be making a tape, that's a great idea. While there is plenty of footage of our apartment (it's pretty small so every nook has already been recorded for posterity) I really want to do the neighborhood, especially the park.


I hate moving. I've done it so many times in my life it should be second nature, but I just can't stand it. I'm happy when I get where I'm going, but the whole process just stresses me out. I feel for you!! I know you have so many great memories where you are, but just think of all the great memories you'll be able to make in Beacon.


c'mon you guys! moving is awesome! all that cleaning and purging! it's refreshing! a new start! a new era! a new chapter in your lives! and when you get to your new house it's like christmas opening up all of those boxes (especially if your movers hold your stuff hostage for 2 months)!! seriously, it makes me want to move just thinking about it.



I'm on the other side, and if I got through it, so will you, my dear. But the acne, I am afraid it isn't going away. What is it with us and the skin? Sweet fancy Moses.

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