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April 05, 2006



LB, I'd never laugh, scoff or mock, because I am now a knitter. I mean, last Sunday I went to the knit store, bought stuff, knitted several rows and am now nursing my throbbing fingertips. Apparently anal retentive knitting makes your fingertips hurt. I love the bunny! Yay for markers and best-laid-plans binders! (Nothing makes me feel like procrastinating more than going to Office Depot and buying packs of glitter pens, fancy paper clips and binders. People like us get so freakin excited for those supplies lists they give kindergartners before their first day of school, don't we?)


you are way too talented. why did I not get ANY creative genes? could I whine a little more?


I like to learn how to knit. My grandmother taught me a basic stitch when I was about six, but I've since forgotten.

Ohio philosopher

Crucial Advice for the move: Pack the shower curtain last, and remember what box you put it in. Or, better yet, don't even pack the shower curtain. Put it in a grocery bag and have it with you as you walk into the new house for the first time. If you don't do this, you will end up in your new house, dirty and sweaty from unpacking, and unable to shower because you have no idea where the shower curtain is. Same goes for the rings that hold the shower curtain.

Disregard this advice if your new shower has doors, or if you can knit a new shower curtain quickly.


That is funny, I whispered the a similar thing to Kara last night..."Boy I really had a solid poop today, I was so happy". But her reaction was about the same..."Ugghhh... I need to get out more often". ;-)


packing - actual packing is going on! thanks for the comments.

Alice Bradley

Because of you, I want to learn to crochet. As if I didn't have enough to do. Damn you!


Ohio person - that's the best advice! I've moved a bazillion times and NEVER remember that.


It IS good advice. I plan on passing it on to my husband since I no longer take showers.

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