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April 20, 2006


Neil Mitchell

You're right about Lowell in his hat -- half newsboy selling papers for a nickel, and half JJ Walker selling nickel bags.

I hope you're getting pumped for living in the sizzling Beacon. Lots of love to you and the family. Must be a weird time.


I know. My god, I KNOW.


Hi there - i'm a new reader and I just wanted do say congratulations on the house! Good luck with the move.


Hi brenda - thanks!

Ohio philosopher

There was a time in my life when I moved 5 times in 7 years, and during that stressful period, I acquired some moving wisdom which I am happy to pass on to you.

(a) Slow and steady wins the race. Always be packing. Give yourself little goals like "pack four boxes after dinner" or "two boxes before I have breakfast", "three more boxes, then I can go get a latte."

(b) This will come as no shock, but you simply must resign yourself to a life of living space chaos for a good month. There's no way around it. Your apt. will be chaos as you pack up, and your new house will be chaos as you unpack. Attempting to fight this truth will only lead to frustration, grasshopper.

(c) When in doubt, throw away. Find that extra egg beater that has been lying unused in a drawer for five years? Toss it. The sweater that has not been worn since before we all heard of Monica Lewinsky? Goodwill. It is at times like these that I am reminded of Thoreau's sage words, "He who owns little is little owned." If there's an upside to the process of moving, it is that it allows you an opportunity to shed excess shite.

(d) Label the boxes. This is easy at the beginning, as it is easy to fill boxes with "books", "kitchen utensils", "clothes", but gets more challenging as you near the end. You will wander the apartment, half-filled box in hand, looking for things to fit in it. How to label the box that contains the cuisinart, a pencil holder, three winter hats, and an itsy-bitsy book light (tm)? "Stuff" is what naturally comes to mind, but this will be regretted when you get to Beacon to unpack.

(e) Get one of those tools that applies the packing tape and cuts it--deployed like a pricing gun at the supermarket. This not only a time saver, but a remarkably entertaining toy.


oooh - all very good OP, thank you. Especially b - this is what makes me really crazy, the chaos. I am very much an "everything in it's place" type (people who have seen my apartment are now doing spit-takes - look, it may not seem organized or tidy but i know where every single thing is and can retreive it in a minute or less). It's really hard for me to deal with the chaos but I do just have to accept it and know that it's temporary.


ha ha ha h a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

*falls off chair*

everything in it's place!?!?! ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!


*falls off chair again*


no, i'm kidding. it's true. what she says. for the most part anyway...

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