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April 21, 2006



I love Neil Young!!! I saw him when he was performing with the International Harvesters at the Stark Club in Dallas...back in '84. He was about 12 feet away from me and sang a song he had just written about his new daughter, "Amber Jean". Everything he sings has such an air of poignancy.


He is an incredible live performer, isn't he? One of the best live shows i have ever been to was a surprise concert he did at the Warfield in SF in the early 90s. I couldn't believe the energy level he sustained for the entire show. Also, dana carvey was there and got up and did a hilarious impression of him. It was a great night.


I'm watching that interview in bits and pieces because, frankly, that hot pink top the Hollywood Lady is wearing is totally distracting me. The first comment had me hooked, "It's basically a song that follows the song title, with a lot of reasons. It's a long song." I love you Neil.

I remember reading an article about how he and his wife do massive amounts of charity work for children with autism or cerebral palsy or some other disability because they have a child severely affected. Again, hey Neil? I love you.


ok. i f*ing hate neil young (blasphemy!!!) but that there scores big points in my book.

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