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April 02, 2006



Just one question. Are we going ON daylight savings or OFF daylight savings? I've never quite grasped the concept. Are we saving daylight in the morning? Or the evening? Please help this old gray head.


Two thoughts:

First, you said "harbingers" which I love, because it's a great word AND it reminds me of hamburgers.

Second, can you imagine the poor moms that rely on those after-school tv shows to get a friggin break in the afternoon. I'm testafying that messing with time zones and tv schedules is akin to mommy-abuse.


That's why yesterday seemed to stretch out for a long time during the day, but the evening went by in a flash. Yeah...the extra hour of daylight is nice.


Mother - we are going ON daylight savings I believe. But I would accept a reasonable argument to the contrary.

Mmmmmm... hamburgers...


Daylight savings time is causing havoc in my house this year. I love the daylight in the evening too, but nobody can get to sleep and we're all tired!


thank you Wimpy. I think you're right. Can't wait to get my hands on Lowell. Is the Tot Lot still an appropriate venue?


Jess - we've been having some rocky bedtimes too. It is the demon flipside. I am personally not affected since I can't f*cking sleep anyway due to the moving anxiety. feh.

Mummy - the snot lot has lost it's luster these days. We've moved on to the big kid playground. It is filled with danger, that's why he likes it.


they don't change the time in AZ either. not sure if it's the whole state or just phoenix...

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