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March 14, 2006



If i had been a bit more serious about mine it probably would have looked just like yours!


Me, too, about the rage and fighting the power. Keep on fighting it, sistah.


Thanks for the tag Jess - it was a fun one - really made me think. And WG - i'm keeping my gunpowder dry as they say ;)


i'm gonna echo the "fighting the power" one too -- awesome.

And man, how many times a day do I wish one of my sisters would move in next door.


Calf transplants I understand, but you want new ankles? Are yours not working?

And Fight the Power said it all, didn't it?


What i desire is petite, shapely calves and thin, tapering ankles. What I possess is something a little more, shall we say, peasant-ish. But on the good days I am happy to have functional appendages. (I actually wrote about this at length one day last summer when I was foolish enough to leave the house in shorts. If interested it's here: http://letterb.typepad.com/letter_b/2005/08/nothing_beats_a.html )

Yours in struggle!

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