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March 07, 2006


Ohio Philosopher

Redneck men, when feeling depressed and stressed out, put plastic testicles on the trailer hitches on their pick-up trucks. Why do men do this sort of thing? Scientists don't know, but apparently it helps. (Look at those pictures from the link--do any of those men look stressed out? No. They are happy men. They are mocked by the urbane among us, but they are happy, and isn't that all that matters?) Now that you are behind the wheel again, perhaps we loyal readers of your blog can all pitch in and get you a pair.


A pair of nuts for my volvo? That's pretty transgressive.


Seems as though everyone is moving. June Cleaver. Misfit Hausfrau. Shrinking Violet. Finslippy. Are you guys all drinking the same water or what?


I don't know what's going on, wordgirl. (Except that Finslippy and I are literally drinking the same water - we live around the corner from each other... for the time being anyway). At least I'm in great company for my misery. Those are some funny wimmins.


Warm milk? Damn, honey - go straight to the wine. Or even bourbon. And doughnuts. Good picnic-y food and alcohol always gets me through a move.

(Nuts for the Volvo is trans something - I'm not sure transgressive is the word...)

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