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March 03, 2006



I've seen these several times around Montana. Usually there's a big dead animal head hanging over the tailgate as well.
Doesn't it make you gag a little?


how does one even think of inventing something like this? i'm really at a loss for words.


Who knows - maybe he's right - I mean clearly HIS mom only succeeded in getting a partial- abortion & look what it's done to his brain.
Undoubtedly they're already preparing Mt. Rushmore for the addition of his face (sans halo?)


Apparantly these are also popular in North Carolina according to my sister. I am sure that there are plenty of morons that would want to put these on their truck and/or suvs in New York but of course they'd just get stolen. Truck nuts. I just don't get it.




aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm angry!!! so so angry!!!! :|

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